Dental Crowns – Hillsboro, OR

Treating Your Decayed & Broken Teeth

Tooth enamel may be considered the hardest substance in the body, but with enough pressure or bad oral bacteria, it can succumb to damage and decay. Without proper treatment, serious issues can arise, resulting in invasive procedures that cost time and money. But with restorative dentistry in the form of dental crowns, our team at The Dentists at Orenco Station can rebuild and reconstruct smiles for optimal use and aesthetic appeal. Call our team to schedule an appointment to learn more.

Why Choose The Dentists at Orenco Station for Dental Crowns?

  • Digital Impression System for Patient Comfort
  • Fully Customized Treatment Plans to Meet Patients’ Needs
  • Dental Team Focused on Providing Highest Quality Care

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a thin, tooth-shaped cap that is placed on top of a tooth that is broken, decayed, misshapen, or cosmetically displeasing. Each crown is custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of your tooth. Here are some of the situations that might call for a dental crown in Hillsboro:

  • Broken tooth
  • Weak or worn-down tooth
  • A tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy
  • Aesthetically flawed front tooth
  • Uneven or misshapen tooth

Dental crowns can be made of a variety of materials, depending on the location of the tooth, function, and esthetics. Porcelain is a popular option for front teeth due to its uncanny ability to mimic natural tooth enamel.