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Some dental transformations are so incredible that you need to see them for yourself. In our Smile Stories, you’ll find before and after photos of some of our patients who have undergone various cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments and get to see what the process was like from their perspective. If their stories inspire you and the results look like something you’d like to see for your own smile, don’t hesitate to give our Hillsboro dental office a call!

Kara’s Story

Kara came to us unhappy with how much of her gums that she shows in her smile. Kara had a history of orthodontics (braces) and a couple of veneers but she was never happy with the outcome. We discussed many options with Kara and created a mock-up so that she could see what we could achieve at the end of the process. Working with our team of specialists, we were able to give Kara the smile that she had always wanted with crowns and veneers.

“I never hated my smile but I didn't I love my smile either. I didn't care for how short, small, and square my teeth looked, but I figured not much could be done to improve it as they were straight and white. I continued giving half a grin for any picture being self-conscious of an overly gummy smile as well. However, after I saw Dr. Brandon, he was able to show me how much he could actually lengthen my teeth and give me the nice long teeth with minimal gum showing. I always thought this was unachievable given my case. During the process of my smile makeover, Dr. Brandon put so much time, care, and attention into my teeth. I felt so comfortable with his level of expertise and his attention to detail. I knew I was going to be getting the best most natural smile available.

Honestly, I just love how natural looking my veneers are. I love that they are a bit translucent at the bottom, not the unnatural flat-light looking typical veneer. I get so many compliments on my smile now, in fact people are amazed when I tell them they are veneers. They look so amazingly natural!”

"I felt so comfortable with his level of expertise and his attention to detail."