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Hillsboro Smile Gallery

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Achieving a Whiter Smile

The patient has had dark teeth all of her life. Bleaching was not able to significantly correct the discoloration. Through 6 veneers and 2 crowns, we were able to provide a smile she was proud of!

Like Magic - A Dramatic Smile Makeover

This patient had always been unhappy with the spaces and discoloration of her front teeth. The dramatic change seen here was created with 6 anterior veneers and bleaching.

Giving our Patient A Reason to Smile Again

Through years of sucking on lemons when younger, the patient had worn her teeth to the point seen in the before photo. With crowns and veneers, we were able to restore her teeth to a smile that she always wanted. She told us that she could not stop smiling for days.

Minimal Treatment for a Major Makeover

Using orthodontic aligners, we can correct spaces, minor crowding, rotated teeth and more. Using aligner therapy on this patient allowed us to conservatively close the spaces without any veneers or composite bonding.

A Rejuvenated Smile

This patient was unhappy with his smile due to the small teeth and cavities present. With crowns and fillings, we were able to restore his teeth to a very natural smile. The patient’s comment to us later was that he had multiple people say that he looked much younger but they didn’t know why.

The Quality Difference

This patient came to us unhappy with her existing veneers. Her veneers were the second set that she has had but she didn’t like how they looked due to the dull color and unnatural shape. By planning well, and using a high quality lab, we are able to create veneers like the final ones seen here. They have a life-like appearance that the patient was thrilled with.

The Right Solution for A Dark Tooh

The patient was unhappy with the dark tooth in front. Through bleaching and placing a crown, we created the smile seen here.