Smile Makeovers – Hillsboro, OR

Pick and Choose the Right Treatments for You!

Cosmetic dentist taking photo of patient after smile makeover in Hillsboro

There are many reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry during your next visit. If you have an upcoming wedding you’re attending, an important job interview, or simply a date with someone you consider very special, a smile makeover through cosmetic dental treatments can make your vision come true!
Of course, the dentists and team of experts at The Dentists at Orenco Station don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all solution for cosmetic dental imperfections. We will customize a plan for you to match your needs and goals.

We have several treatments you can use to make your smile picture-perfect for your next occasion. Contact our office today to learn which treatments will work best for you and your smile makeover in Hillsboro!

Why Choose The Dentists at Orenco Station for Smile Makeovers?

  • We Offer Many Cosmetic Dental Solutions
  • Detailed Patient Discussions to Achieve Desired Results
  • Enhanced Imaging for Precise & Accurate Planning

Teeth Whitening

Close up of woman smiling with white teeth

We offer multiple types of teeth whitening that can improve your smile's shine! Our in-house custom tray system comes with different strengths of bleaching solution so that even patients with sensitive teeth can take advantage. Alternatively, KOR Whitening can offer truly exceptional results, especially for patients who have very dark teeth or developmental staining. Our goal is to find the whitening solution that best fits your preferences and comfort level.

Dental Crowns

Dental crown covering a tooth in a model of the mouth

While crowns are also considered a restorative dentistry treatment, they can help hide imperfections in teeth while still making your bite more even and function. To create these restorations, the dentists will utilize high-quality dental porcelain for a natural-looking effect. Crowns may also be recommended in cases of damaged dental structure and/or large cavities, and they won't hurt your appearance in the process! 


Young woman being fitted for veneers

If teeth whitening doesn’t do enough to get the smile you imagined, you may want to consider veneers. Veneers are ideal for those with aesthetic tooth chips or cracks, discolorations, misshapen teeth, or everything in between! They’re truly considered one of the most versatile cosmetic options in dentistry. By removing a minimal amount of tooth enamel, taking impressions, waiting for them to be created in a trusted dental lab, and then being sent back to the office for fitting, you can dramatically transform your smile in as little as two weeks!

Are you ready to choose one or any combination of the following treatments? Contact our office to learn how a cosmetic dentist in Hillsboro, whether it be Dr. Brandon S. Kearbey or Dr. Malinda B. Kearbey, can make your smile dreams a reality!