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We Can Create Your Dream Smile

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What was once a cosmetic dentistry treatment only enjoyed by the rich and famous is now accessible to all dental patients. At The Dentists at Orenco Station, our veneers are custom-made to create transformational smiles that were once riddled with cracks, stains, and chips. Designed with your preferences in mind, we’ll create a showstopping smile that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Call us today to find out if you are a good candidate for dental veneers in Hillsboro.

Why Choose The Dentists at Orenco Station for Veneers?

  • Results That Appear Natural by Dentists with Years of Experience
  • Flexible Financing Available
  • Patient-Focused Treatment Planning

Benefits of Veneers

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The main advantage of veneers is their natural look. They reflect light the same way enamel does. In addition, veneers are strong, functional, beautiful, and stain resistant. Since the materials used are biocompatible, veneers won’t irritate your gingiva (gum tissue). With veneers, you won’t have a reason to hide your smile ever again!

The Process of Getting Veneers

Cosmetic dentist placing a veneer over a tooth

Have you ever seen someone’s smile and known right away that they must have veneers because something just isn’t right about the way their teeth look? If this cosmetic procedure is done right, the results should be virtually seamless. That’s why our dentists want to know the desired end result before any actual treatment has begun. This is what we do to create predictable, beautiful, and natural-looking veneers.


We’ll start by capturing a full set of photos and radiographs. Then, we’ll sit down for a one-on-one consultation, discussing any concerns you have in depth, as well as what your ideal outcome is for the cosmetic procedure.

Separate from the patient, our dentist will also spend time evaluating your case and the options available to you before creating a custom treatment plan based off your preferences and current oral health.


When you visit us again, we’ll start by reviewing all available treatment plan options. We can even help you clearly visualize what the outcomes could look like with digitally altered photos! Once everyone feels confident about what’s to come, we’ll capture a digital scan of the entire mouth for diagnostic casts.


If the patient would like to view a comprehensive 3D mock-up of their veneer, we can do this during the next visit. It depends on the specifics of the case, but sometimes, you can even try on a temporary overlay so that you can see what the veneer will actually look like in your mouth ahead of time!


This is your prep day! Following the preparation of your natural teeth, we will provide temporaries that reflect some of the esthetic changes desired. These will allow you to view your brand-new smile and also learn more about how it will function prior to the placement of the final restoration.


Finally, we’ll place your custom restorations and ensure that they not only fit comfortably, but also look amazing! Once we’ve confirmed this, they’ll be set in place and the treatment process is complete. If we determine during this final placement that any changes are needed, our team will work closely with the lab to make those adjustments as quickly as possible. You’ll need to return to our office one more time so that we can place the corrected veneers and complete your beautiful, new smile.

Veneers FAQs

Maybe you have been considering getting veneers in Hillsboro, but you’re still a bit hesitant. After all, they can be considered a bit of an investment. Rest assured that they are well worth it. We have had many patients receive veneers and their lives have been massively improved with their new smiles. If you’re still apprehensive, keep reading below to learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about veneers.

How long do veneers last?

One of the great things about veneers is their potential for longevity. Once they have been placed, they can last upwards of 10 to 15 years and frequently beyond, provided you properly maintain them. You actually don’t need to do anything special to take good care of your veneers, beyond what you already do to your natural teeth. Simply brush and floss every day and attend checkups and cleanings with us twice a year. Also, invest in a mouthguard if you play sports to protect your veneered teeth from injury.

Will my veneers look natural?

Absolutely! Your cosmetic dentist in Hillsboro will take everything about your face into account when designing your veneers, such as your face shape, skin tone, and the state of your surrounding teeth. For this reason, no two veneers are exactly alike. Each one is custom-made to fit our exact specifications and blend in with your smile and face. In fact, onlookers shouldn’t even be able to tell that your veneers aren’t a “natural” part of your smile!

Am I a good candidate for veneers?

If you have aesthetic dental imperfections, such as chips, cracks, minor gaps, stains, or generally misshapen teeth, then veneers may be just the treatment you need to create your dream smile. However, we ask that your mouth be infection-free before you undergo any purely cosmetic treatment. If we examine your mouth and find any cavities or gum disease, we must address those issues before placing veneers.

Are veneers permanent?

For the veneers to not appear bulky in your smile, we’ll have to prepare your affected teeth by shaving off an ultra-thin sliver of enamel. Enamel does not grow back once it has been removed. For this reason, veneers are indeed considered a permanent treatment. Your teeth will always need some kind of protection going forward, whether you choose to continue wearing veneers or switch to dental crowns.

Will it hurt to get veneers?

Thanks to advancements in modern dental technology, you should experience minimal discomfort during your veneer placement. We’ll administer a local anesthetic before prepping your teeth and installing your veneers so that you don’t feel much at all. For a few days following your procedure, though, you can expect to deal with some minor soreness. In general, the more veneers you receive, the more discomfort you’ll feel. However, this should be nothing that can’t be managed by taking an over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen as directed on the bottle.