Benefit from the Best Solution for Tooth Loss with Your Dentist in Hillsboro

May 6, 2017

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Your dentist in Hillsboro offers dental implants for tooth loss.Living with tooth loss creates many challenges to your daily life. When even one tooth is missing, you may no longer be able to enjoy your favorite foods because chewing can be difficult. Not to mention, your incomplete smile can make it harder to pronounce certain words correctly and cause your self-esteem to decline. You could choose a traditional option like dentures to replace your missing teeth with your dentist in Hillsboro, or you could invest in your oral health and quality of life with dental implants.

Permanently Replace Missing Teeth

Unlike traditional dental prosthetics, dental implants are the only solution for tooth loss that is permanent. By surgically placing a titanium post into the jawbone, the root of the tooth is replaced while providing a sturdy foundation for the prosthetic tooth. When performed on the ideal candidate, they offer over a 95% success rate to last a lifetime.

Improve Your Oral Health

When a tooth is lost, it negatively impacts your oral health. Your jawbone and supporting structures will begin to deteriorate, causing your remaining natural teeth to shift and become loose. This increases your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and additional tooth loss.

Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement to preserve bone density. With the biocompatible implant post inserted into the jawbone, the body naturally accepts the material, allowing the jawbone to fuse to the post. This conserves bone density to protect your remaining natural teeth from damage.

Promote Natural Oral Functions

When compared to other forms of tooth replacement, a dental implant is the only solution that most closely mimics the function of a natural tooth. After the jawbone fuses to the implant post, the replacement tooth is securely anchored in place. As a result, you regain the ability to eat the foods you love without having to use adhesives or worry about slipping. In fact, when compared to traditional dentures, you gain an increased biting force of over 70%.

Enjoy a Natural Appearance

The use of an all-ceramic dental crown allows you to gain a natural-looking solution to replace your missing tooth. The crown is customized to match the size, shape, and color of your remaining teeth so it will blend in seamlessly to regain your confidence when speaking and smiling.

Benefit from Convenience and Security

The use of the implant post allows your replacement tooth to stay securely in place without the need for adhesives or dental crowns on the adjacent teeth. You do not have to worry about slipping or discomfort. Not to mention, caring for dental implants is like caring for your natural teeth. You do not need special soaking solutions or a lengthy cleaning process. Simply brush and floss just as you do with your natural teeth.

Get a Complete Smile Today

If you are ready to improve your oral health and functions, it is time to see if dental implants in Hillsboro are right for you. Contact the Dentists at Orenco Station to schedule your consultation.

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