Find Relief in Your Tooth Pain with Root Canal Therapy

August 15, 2014

489085765You can talk to anyone who has had to live with pain, and they will all say that it is never an enjoyable or easy experience. Living in pain is never an easy experience, and can be taxing on the mind, body, and heart. One of the worst pains someone can live with is tooth pain, causing your entire mouth to ache. Though some people may be quick to dismiss it as mere discomfort, there can be many underlying issues within your smile causing your tooth to ache. If you are experiencing intense tooth pain, Drs. Brandon and Malinda Kearbey are able to put you at ease with root canal therapy.

A root canal is needed when a cavity has taken control of your tooth and has started infecting the pulp within your tooth, or when there has been some sort of dental trauma. When the bacteria in your mouth infects the pulp of your tooth, the result is pain and pressure. It is important to make sure that you contact our office if you are experiencing tooth pain, as the bacteria have the capability of entering your blood stream if left untreated. A few signs that you may need a root canal are a sharp pain when you chew, pressure on the tooth causes immediate pain, swelling and discoloring in the gum tissue, and severe sensitivity to hold or cold foods and beverages.

Our doctors will begin your root canal therapy by addressing the infected tooth. They will remove the pulp and the nerve, immediately alleviating you of your pain. After that, they will fill the tooth with a biocompatible material, and top the tooth off with a crown, as to make sure no bacteria is able to make its way back to your tooth. If you would like Drs. Kearbey’s help in alleviating you of your tooth pain with root canal therapy, contact our office today!

Call The Dentists at Orenco Station if you’re ready to schedule your next appointment with Drs. Brandon and Malinda Kearbey. They are happy to care for patients from Forest Grove, Beaverton, Cornelius, Rock Creek, and beyond.

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