Do You Have Distracting White Spots On Your Teeth? Dental Fluorosis Treatment Can Help

July 15, 2019

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person smiling with white spots on their teethDo you have noticeable white spots on your teeth that take away from your otherwise beautiful smile? The good news is, these splotches aren’t typically a serious cause for concern, and your cosmetic dentist offers dental fluorosis treatment to help get rid of them. Read on to learn how the process works and what you can do to prevent this issue from occurring.

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

These white spots on your teeth have several causes. They typically appear when people are younger if they consume excessive amounts of fluoride as a child and are referred to as dental fluorosis. Although they’re undesirable, they’re usually harmless and begin forming before the teeth even grow in. The other cause of this condition is enamel hypoplasia, which occurs when the enamel on teeth doesn’t form properly. Like dental fluorosis, hypoplasia also forms while children’s teeth are still developing. However, the difference is that this condition can put you at a higher risk of experiencing oral health problems like cavities.

The white spots can also result from poor oral hygiene, especially if you have oral appliances like braces or eat excessive amounts of acidic and sugary foods. Luckily, your cosmetic dentist offers different treatments to help improve the look of your smile.

How Can You Get Rid of White Spots?

There are a few different treatment options to rid your smile of those undesirable white spots. Depending on the cause of them, your cosmetic dentist may recommend a certain procedure. Some possible solutions include:

  • Enamel Microabrasion. This procedure involves your dentist removing a small amount of natural enamel from your teeth to make the white spots less noticeable. It’s typically followed up with teeth whitening to make the color of them more uniform.
  • Teeth Whitening. Professional teeth whitening can help reduce the impact that the white spots have on your smile. This treatment also gets rid of other surface stains that take away from your beautiful grin.
  • Porcelain Veneers. Veneers are durable, thin coverings that are placed over the visible portion of your teeth to conceal any cosmetic imperfections, including white spots.
  • Dental Bonding. If you have enamel hypoplasia, this option can fill in cavities and be bonded to the outer portion of your teeth to conceal white spots.

How Can You Prevent Them From Appearing?

Typically, white spots will begin developing on teeth before you turn 10. So, it’s important to act against fluorosis early on and ensure that your children have good dental hygiene. Some other ways to prevent the appearance of these spots are to:

  • Drinking water without fluoride.
  • Using the recommended amount of toothpaste.
  • Testing well water for fluoride levels.
  • Reducing consumption of acidic and sugary foods and drinks.
  • Seeing a dentist every six months.

The best way to learn how to treat your dental fluorosis or hypoplasia is by visiting your cosmetic dentist for a consultation. They can walk you through different treatment options and have your smile looking even more beautiful in as little as a single appointment!

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Dr. Malinda Kearbey is passionate about helping her patients achieve improved smiles that they’re proud to show off. She is an active member of a variety of professional organizations including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She has received multiple awards as well, like the Academic Excellence Gold Award from Loma Linda University. For questions or to schedule an appointment to learn how you can get rid of white spots on your teeth, visit The Dentists at Orenco Station’s website or contact 503-640-4262.


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