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4 Famous Holiday Drinks That Are Hard on Teeth

December 15, 2023

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Friends toasting with red wine

Now that it’s mid-December, the holiday season is in full swing. You’re likely already prepared for parties, family get-togethers, and acts of gift-giving. Still, choose your beverage wisely during these festivities. There are several holiday drinks that can harm teeth. If you aren’t careful, your grin might develop health or cosmetic issues. Luckily, your local Hillsboro dentist has details on the matter. Here are some holiday drinks you should go easy on in the coming weeks.

Hot Cocoa

What are the winter holidays without hot cocoa? For many kids and adults, this chocolatey drink is a staple of year-end fun. Even so, it won’t do your teeth much good.

You see, hot cocoa has rough effects on your grin. Firstly, it contains chromogens – substances that cling to your enamel and cause tooth stains. The drink is also packed with sugar from cocoa and marshmallows. As such, having too much of it will cause tooth decay and cavities.


Of course, many holiday revelers like to have eggnog. The beverage is a tradition in some families. However, you should restrict your intake if possible.

In reality, eggnog is one of the worst holiday drinks for oral health. Its milk content can attract bacteria that cause bad breath. Plus, its sugar puts you at serious risk of tooth decay. Even the alcohol it includes can trigger dry mouth. Given such effects, you’re better off avoiding this holiday treat.

Red Wine

At many holiday dinners, family and friends enjoy glasses of red wine. The drink is an elegant way to celebrate the year’s end. Sadly, though, it usually ruins your smile in the process.

If you don’t already know, red wine has acids and tannins. The former material wears down your enamel, while the latter can stain it. Therefore, drinking a lot of it can lead to a weaker, reddened grin. You’d then have to deal with some awkward holiday photos and conversations.

Holiday Punch

If your office is having a holiday party, it may feature a holiday punch. This beverage often makes for a tasty addition. Regardless, it won’t do your pearly whites any favors.

In reality, many holiday punch recipes hurt your teeth. They feature berry juice that contains chromogens, which cause dark stains on your teeth. Some recipes also include a lot of sugar, which can decay your teeth and erode their enamel.

To keep your grin safe, avoid holiday drinks that can harm teeth. That way, your seasonal smile will stay strong and pretty!

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