3 Vital Oral Habits for Dental Hygiene Month

October 2, 2023

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Now that it’s October, you’re likely thinking about Halloween. That’s only natural – these 31 days are considered a “spooky season” for a reason! Still, you’d do well to consider oral care as well. October is also Dental Hygiene Month! As such, it’s a time to remember how to keep your mouth healthy. Luckily, your Hillsboro dentist can help you do just that. Here are three crucial oral care habits that’ll protect your smile this month.

Brush Your Teeth

Firstly, you should brush your teeth regularly. The practice should also be done properly. If you try brushing recklessly, you won’t help your smile much.

All that said, rely on the correct brushing method in the future. Its first step is to adjust your toothbrush, tilting its head at a 45-degree angle. From there, move the brush head back and forth gently. (Make sure this motion covers all your tooth surfaces.) It’d also be best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

By following these steps twice daily for two minutes, your smile will be much healthier.

Clean Your Tongue

Truthfully, another good oral habit is to clean your tongue. Sticking to it will protect and maintain your oral health.

You see, it isn’t just teeth and gums that carry harmful germs. Your tongue harbors an estimated 50% of your mouth’s bacteria! As such, you’ll want to clean it often. Leaving the tongue’s bacteria alone will raise your risk of bad breath, cavities, and worse.

Luckily, tongue cleaning isn’t hard to accomplish. You could easily use your toothbrush for the job. Alternatively, you could buy a scraping tool at your local drugstore. This item glides over your tongue several times and rinses it off.

Remember to Hydrate

Lastly, do remember to hydrate often. Drinking plenty of water is good for your body and your mouth!

Ultimately, water is the best drink for dental hygiene. It lacks the unhealthy ingredients of soda, coffee, and tea. As such, it can neutralize your mouth acids and wash away lingering “leftovers.” You’ll then be better protected from tooth decay and gum disease.

As a rule, try to drink a glass of water after every meal. This practice will wash out your mouth and keep it fresh.

For this year’s Dental Hygiene Month, note the oral care habits above. They’ll serve your smile well and keep it strong for years!

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