How to Appreciate Your Teeth on Thanksgiving

November 16, 2023

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A family gathered together for a Thanksgiving meal

As Thanksgiving gets closer, you’ll likely take up the holiday spirit. Maybe you’re already giving thanks for friends, family, and other blessings. Still, don’t forget about your oral health during this time. There are many ways to appreciate teeth on Thanksgiving. By taking up such practices, you’ll honor your smile for everything it does in your life. Luckily, your Hillsboro dentist knows a few good ones for this Turkey Day. Read on to learn four oral care tips that show the Thanksgiving spirit!

Keep Floss Handy

As you might know, a Thanksgiving feast can be an all-day event. It can easily tempt you with appetizers, main courses, desserts, and leftovers. So, there’s a good chance you’ll get food stuck in your teeth. Left untended, these bits cause plaque buildup that triggers cavities and gum disease.

To avoid this outcome, keep floss handy during Thanksgiving. It can help you remove food from between your teeth. In fact, you could hand out floss between meals as a family activity. Doing so would ensure everyone gets rid of trapped food.

Get Extra Cranberries

Among the Thanksgiving side dishes, make sure you get cranberries. They’ll do your teeth and gums a lot of good. In particular, their nutrients will boost your oral health.

If you don’t already know, cranberries contain polyphenols. These compounds ward off harmful oral bacteria. In doing so, they can delay tooth decay and prevent cavities. You’d then get to enjoy a smile without any holes or aches.

Be Careful of Sticky Sweets

Many Thanksgiving sweets are of the sticky variety. After all, what else can you expect of pies, cobblers, and cakes? Still, you should try to limit your intake of them.

The problem with these desserts is that they cling to teeth. As such, their sugar has time to erode your enamel. This process leads to a high risk of cavities, gum disease, and worse. To prevent it, try to avoid Thanksgiving treats. Otherwise, rinse your mouth with water after eating them.

Go Easy on the Wine

Yes, wine is a well-known staple of Thanksgiving dinners. Even so, you should try to go easy on it. Your teeth will suffer otherwise.

You see, red wine can both weaken and stain teeth. Its acidity tends to erode enamel over time. On the other hand, its tannins and pigment can stain your teeth red. This latter effect could lead to awkward Thanksgiving photos.

Ultimately, there are various ways to appreciate teeth on Thanksgiving. Try the ones above so your smile can enjoy the holiday as much as you do!

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